Chemistry Lessons

Suggested Chemistry Items to Order of Vernier Equipment

SATEC suggests that you order sufficient items for the number of lab groups you use. The normal group size is 4 students. We suggest that group sizes of 3 is better with group sizes of two being optimal. A school should select as many of each item as they feel is necessary for their situation. Schools with content areas sharing a lab will be able to use some equipment for more than one course.

Note: You will also need Graphical Analysis Software.
Note: Schools that Subscribe to the SATEC Site qualify for special pricing on each item.
Non-USA orders for Vernier products must be submitted via [email protected]

Item Order Code Price
Go Direct Advanced Chemistry PackageGDP-CHMA-SV$1241.00
This package includes these:

• GDX Gas Pressure Sensor


• GDX Voltage


• GDX Current


• GDX Drop Counter


• GDX Conductivity


• GDX pH Electrode




• GDX Spectrovis Plus


• GDX Temperature Sensor

Optical Fiber for Spectroviz PlusVSP-FIBER$79.00
Cuvette PackageCUV$24.00
GDX Wide Range Temp ProbeGDX-WRT$128.00
GDX Melt StationGDX-MLT$594.00
GDX O2 SensorMGDX-O2$205.00
GDX CO2 SensorGDX-CO2$225.00
Stir StationSTIR$139.00
GDX Radiation MonitorGDX-RAD$199.00
GDX Ethanol Vapor SensorGDX-ETOH$165.00
GDX Nitrate Ion SensorGDX-NO3$279.00
GDX Ammonium Ion SensorGDX-NH4$279.00
GDX Chloride Ion Sensor GDX-CL$279.00
GDX Calcium Ion SensorGDX-CA$279.00
GDX Potassium Ion SensorGDX-K$279.00
GDX PolarimeterGDX-POL$545.00
GDX Mini GCGDX-GC$3,599.00
GDX Force SensorGDX-FOR$119.00
Motion DetectorGDX-MD$114.00
Vernier LabQuest 3LABQ3$399.00
Grommets for CO2/O2CO2-GROM$6.00
Electrode SupportESUP$10.00
Go Direct ColorimeterGDX-COL$129.00
Food Chemistry with Vernier HSB-FOOD-E$33.00
Chemistry with VernierCWV-E$44.00
Advanced Chemistry with VernierCHEM-A-E$44.00
Investigating Chemistry through InquiryCHEM-I-E$44.00
Chemistry Investigations for AP ChemistryAPCHEM-E$44.00
Organic Chemistry with VernierCHEM O-E$44.00
Forensics with VernierFWV-E$28.00