Physics Lessons

Suggested Physics Items to Order of Vernier Equipment

SATEC suggests that you order sufficient items for the number of lab groups you use. The normal group size is 4 students. We suggest that group sizes of 3 is better with group sizes of two being optimal. A school should select as many of each item as they feel is necessary for their situation. Schools with content areas sharing a lab will be able to use some equipment for more than one course.

Note: You will also need Graphical Analysis Software.
Note: Schools that Subscribe to the SATEC Site qualify for special pricing on each item.
Non-USA orders for Vernier products must be submitted via [email protected]

Item Order Code Price
Go Direct Physics Standard PackageGDP-PHY-DX$987.00
This package includes these:
• Motion DetectorGDX-MD$114.00
• PhotogateGDX-VPG$95.00
• Light/Color SensorGDX-LC$89.00
• Force/3 Axis Accel. SensorGDX-FOR$119.00
• Dual Range Force SensorDFS-BTA$120.00
• Voltage ProbeGDX-VOLT$79.00
• Sound SensorGDX-SND$95.00
• Pulley AttachmentSPA$24.00
• Current Probe (2 x Unit Price) GDX-CUR$89.00
• Picket FencePF$10.00
• 3 Axis Magnetic Field SensorGDX-3MG$75.00
• Magnetic Field SensorMG-BTA$69.00
• Acceleration Sensor GDX-ACC$109.00
Go Direct Charge StationGDX-CRG$89.00
Go Direct Projectile Launcher GDX-PL$489.00
Time of Flight PadTOF-VPL$84.00
Go Direct Centripetal Force ApparatusGDX-CFA$325.00
Moment of Inertia KitCFA-MIK$199.00
Motor Accessory KitGDX-CFA-MAK$199.00
CFA Sensor Bracket KitCFA-SBK$19.00
Go Direct Rotary Motion SensorGDX-RMS$189.00
Rotory Motion Motor KitMK-RMV$12.00
Rotory Motion Accessory KitAK-RMV$120.00
Dynamics Cart/Track System w Cart DTS-GDX$619.00
Go Direct Sensor Cart Green GDX-CART-G$189.00
Go Direct Sensor Cart Yellow GDX-CART-Y$189.00
Friction Pad DTSDTS-PAD$32.00
Eddy Current BrakeDTS-ECB$19.00
Fan CartCART-F$119.00
LabQuest 3LABQ3$399.00
Go Direct Radiation MonitorGDX-RAD$199.00
Force PlateFP-BTA$319.00
Vernier Circuit Board 2 VCB2$145.00
Extech Digital DC Power SupplyEXPS$259.00
Charge Sensor CRG-BTA$89.00
Electrostatics KitESK-CRG$129.00
High Voltage Electrostatics Kit HVEK-CRG$299.00
Optional Breadboard KitVCB2-OBBK$29.00
Optics Expansion KitOEK$199.00
Mirror SetM-OEK$69.00
Polarizer/Analyzer Set PAK-OEK$89.00
Color Mixer KitCM-OEK$179.00
Springs Set SPRINGS$18.00
Power AmplifierPAMP$249.00
Go Direct TemperatureGDX-TMP$78.00
Go Direct Surface Temp GDX-ST$99.00
Go Direct Emissions SpectrometerGDX-SPEC-EM$950.00
Vernier Emissions FiberVSP-EM-FIBER$94.00
Spectrum Tube Carosel Power SupplyST-CAR$319.00
Spectrum Tube HydrogenST-H$49.00
Spectrum Tube-Nitrogen ST-N$49.00
Spectrum Tube-HeliumST-HE$49.00
Spectrum Tube-Neon ST-NE$49.00
Spectrum Tube-Carbon DioxideST-CO2$49.00
Spectrum Tube-AirST-AIR$49.00
Spectrum Tube-ArgonST-AR$49.00
Physics Explorations and ProjectsPEP-E$44.00
Advanced Physics/Vernier MechanicsPHYS-AM-E$44.00
Advanced Physics/Vernier Beyond MechPHYS-ABM-E$44.00
Diffraction Apparatus DAK$669.00