SATEC Science Lessons


TEKS correlation to Vernier Lab

(2E) graph data to observe and identify relationships between variables 1-1. Graph Matching
(4A) generate and interpret graphs describing motion including the use of real-time technology 7-1. Bungee Jump Acceleration
8-1. Projectile Motion
(5C) calculate the mechanical energy and momentum in a physical system such as billiards, cars 19-1. Momentum, Energy, and Collisions
(5D) demonstrate the conservation of energy and momentum 20-1. Impulse and Momentum
(6A) identify the influence of mass and distance on gravitational forces 4-1. Determining g on an Incline
5-1. Picket Fence Free Fall
6-1 Ball Toss
(6B) research and describe the historical development of the concepts of gravitational, electrical, and magnetic force 30-1 Electrical Energy
(6E) design and analyze electric circuits 26-1 Series and Parallel Circuits
(7A) analyze and explain everyday examples that illustrate the laws of thermodynamics 18-1 Work and Energy
(8A) examine and describe a variety of waves propagated in various types of media and describe wave characteristics such as velocity, frequency, amplitude, and behaviors such as reflection, refraction, and interference 21-1 Sound Waves and Beats
(8B) identify the characteristics and behaviors of sound and electromagnetic waves 15-1 Simple Harmonic Motion


Newtons Laws Labs
Radiation Unit