SATEC Science Activites

Eighth Grade


Correlation of Vernier Activities with the TEKS

From Middle School Science with Computers from Vernier

Grade 8

TEKS Vernier Activity Correlation
8.6 (B) Identify feedback mechanisms that maintain equilibrium of systems such as body temperature, turgor, pressure, and chemical reactions. 1-1 A Hot Hand
15-1 How Low Can You Go?
8.7 (A) Demonstrate how unbalanced forces cause changes in the speed or direction on an object's motion. 25-1 Heart Rate and Body Position
30-1 First-Class Levers
31-1 Pulleys
32-1 Buoyancy
8.10 (C) Identify and demonstrate that loss or gain of heat energy occurs during exothermic and endothermic chemical reactions. 23-1 Cooling Rates: Shaq vs. Susie
8.11 (A) Identify that change in environmental conditions can affect the survival of individuals and of species 20-1 Water Hardness Study
8.12 (B) Relate the role of oceans to climatic changes. 12-1 Ocean Floor Mapping
8.13 (B) Explain the use of light years to describe distances in the universe. 7-1 Reflectivity of Light
8-1 Schoolyard Study
8.14 Describe how human activites have modified soil, water and air quality. 22-1 Water Field Study