ISTE Student Technology Leadership Symposium

Chicago, June 23-24, 2001

Four San Antonio high school students participated in the ISTE Student Technology Leadership Symposium in Chicago this summer. Blanca Arguellos and Ernest Castillo, from Sidney Lanier High School, joined Sam Sloan and Desirea Fletcher  from Theodore Roosevelt High School in this exciting endeavor. Working with other students from the United States, their task was to "create a school," and use technology to present their ideas to the educational technology leaders attending the NECC Conference. SATEC made it possible for the students and their sponsors, Rose Mary Castro, Lanier, and Terri Kody, Roosevelt, to take part in this symposium.

Blanca states that they were invited to think outside the box and develop a model for an ideal school. She further states that the interaction with other students was rich, and it was amazing how similar the ideas of other students were to her own.

Ernest says that this was the first time that anyone had asked his opinion on the many aspects of school, including security, online books, teacher roles, physical plan, uniforms, and the need make technology more available to everyone.

The students share pictures of their adventure:

Blanca gives her viewpoint to other students Ernest enjoys the student interaction
Many of Desirea's ideas are posted on the wall behind her. Sam and his partner present their work.
Students and their sponsors enjoy an evening at the Rainforest Restaurant  Blanca and Ernest find an interesting place to rest on Michigan Avenue 
Students made a successful climb to reach the NECC audience. A parting shot of the students who hoped to have made a difference in educational ideas