As we approach the end of 2000, we extend our hope that each of you will have a peaceful and joyful holiday season.

Recent events for our SATEC Technology Innovation Challenge Grant Project include these: Late October saw SATEC representatives in Washington, D. C. presenting to a review panel sponsored by OERI of the U. S. Dept. of Education. This was a very positive experience, and the panel provided several excellent suggestions to improve the work of the grant over the remaining funding period.

In early November, we hosted representatives from the Singapore Ministry of Education. These were Li Kiang Lim (Mathematics) and Chee Beng Tong (Science). The interest of their department is to include more problem solving and constructivist learning into their system. Singapore and SATEC will partner in an active exchange of information to inprove learning opportunities for children in Singapore and San Antonio.

Mid November brought a fruitful visit from Jenelle Leonard who oversees all Challenge grants for the Dept. Of Education. Ms. Leonard visited SATEC schools and provided a briefing on her visit to SATEC staff. Jenelle, you have an open invitation to visit us anytime. SATEC is working with the Aurora Project of Oklahoma (Another Challege grant project) to produce online materials in mathematics instruction that can be used by both teachers and students.

SATEC was visited this month by Aurora personnel Gary Sacket, Don Wilson, and LaDonna Sweatt. The Aurora Project has developed an excellent database system that will facilitate the creation by teachers and mathematics supervisors of individualized growth plans. SATEC has begun training staff in the use of this database system. A number of lessons should be available on the Aurora system by early spring, 2000. The Aurora Project will also makes its database server available to other San Antonio professional development projects that may be funded by the Dept. of Education or NSF. For more information about the Aurora Project, you can e-mail the Director Gary Sacket at The address for the website is

We are also collaborating with Lanier High School in the grant they received from KLRN to participate in the PBS Teacherline project. This project proposes to provide a series of professional development materials in mathematics. SATEC has purchased a server to host the SATEC web site and to host the web site developed in the Lanier project.

SATEC has been invited to send students to the NECC conference in Chicago in June, 2001. These students will be participating in two symposiums. The first will be a symposium on Student Technology Leadership. The second will be a Minority Leadership Symposium. A total of seven students will attend. SATEC will contact schools soon with details. This opportunity was made available to SATEC through representives of the Generation Y challenge grant. We have been listed in the Texas Mathematics and Science Education Sources, published by the Southwest Educational Developmental Laboratory. This booklet can be ordered while supplies last at their address: 211 East Seventh St., Austin, TX 78701.

Alice Ehlert, SATEC Staff Development Coordinator, and Wendy Tisdel, SATEC Algebra II Lead Teacher at Reagan High School, will be presenting at the S.I.T.E. conference in Orlando, FL in March, 2001. We also will have representatives at the Algebra 2000 training sponsored by the UT Austin Dana Center this January. In addition, SATEC providing an opportunity for teachers to attend the NCTM Academy held here in San Antonio, February 2001.

Our Fall technology day held at Reagan High School December 4 was a great success. The training was provided by Vernier Software and Technology who sent Mr. Rick Sorenson as presenter. 25 teachers from both mathematics and science disciplines attended. Vernier is the source of probeware used in the SATEC grant. You can visit their website at to see what equipment is available to revolutionize math and science education.

Collaboration with the Northeast School District, Luann Weynand, Mathematics Coordinator, and Lori Murach, Mathematics Specialist, resulted in a conference on integrating technology into the middle school curriculum. We had a 20 participants who also received a good session on vertical alignment of the middle school curriculum with Algebra I.

Finally, we have been working with Laura Resendez, San Antonio School District Director of Mathematics and Science, and the Secondary Mathematics Specialist for SAISD, DeeDee Milks, to develop an observation and debriefing model to promote improvement in mathematics instruction. The model begins with the premise that we are working with professional teachers who want to do a good job. The idea is to present a factual report of the observation to the teacher, and to ask questions related to facts to cause reflection on the instruction experience during that period. No evaluation is included, since the objective is to help good people get better. We can provide details on the process if you are interested. Contact Alice Ehlert or Paul Tisdel.