7th Grade Lesson and Assessment Materials


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Included in this package are two lessons.  One is about multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers and the other is about number theory including factors, multiples and divisibility.

Also included are two assessments:

  1. Factorization  (10 questions)
  2. A multiple choice assessment on Fractions that has 38 question.

All four documents are in Word format so that you can cut and paste easily.


Sample Questions 

  1. A fraction is written in __________ if the numerator and denominator have no common


      A. prime factorization                                  B.  composite numbers         
      C. simplest form                                           D.  equivalent form

  1. Which number is not divisible by 9?

      A. 315                        B.  756                        C.  664                        D.  558  


Note: For one year from the date of purchase, any new lesson material (Not Eye On Mastery Items) will be sent to the purchaser at no charge.

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