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This collection of review problems covers essential topics in Grade 7. The bundle has approximately 300 independent practice problems in multiple choice and gridded response questions from all standards listed below. A correct answer document is included with the questions. A second bundle consists of about 300 guided practice problem in open response format to prepare students for the independent practice problems. A separate document with all the answers to the Guided Practice is included.

While you may buy separately either the Guided Practice Set or the Independent Practice Set you can realize a substantial saving by buying both practice set bundles. If you intend to use this material for more than one teacher, Eye on Mastery requires that you purchase the duplication rights for 2 or more teachers. You will notice that a saving is offered for this as well.

If you really want to realize a big saving buy the complete Middle School Bundle, grades 6-8. As before, if you want to use this bundle for multiple teachers across the school, you will need to buy the “All Teacher Bundle” instead of the “One teacher Per Grade Level Bundle.”


Extend previous knowledge of sets and subsets using a visual representation to describe relationships between sets of rational numbers.

Add, subtract, multiply, and divide while solving problems and justifying solutions. 

Represent and solve problems involving proportional relationships. 

Use geometry to describe or solve problems involving proportional relationships.

Use probability and statistics to describe or solve problems involving proportional relationships. 

Represent linear relationships using verbal descriptions, tables, graphs, and equations that simplify to the form y = mx + b.

Develop geometric relationships with volume. 

Solve geometric problems. 

Use one-variable equations and inequalities to represent situations. 

Solve one-variable equations and inequalities. 

Use statistical representations to analyze data. 

Develop an economic way of thinking and problem solving useful in one’s life as a knowledgeable consumer and investor. 

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Grade 7 Independent Practice Bundle (1 Teacher), Grade 7 Independent Practice Bundle (2+ Teachers), Grade 7 Guided Practice Bundle (1 Teacher), Grade 7 Guided Practice Bundle (2+ Teachers), Both Bundles (1 Teacher), Both Bundles (2+ Teacher), Middle School Bundle Grades 6-8, 1 Teacher Per Grade, Middle School Bundle Grades 6-8 All Teachers

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