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Simply a Different Way of Exploring the Universe

San Antonio Technology in Education Coalition

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Innovative & Engaging Learning Methods for Your Child

S.A.T.E.C. in San Antonio, Texas offers technology-enhanced math and science lessons created by award-winning instructors. We use collaborative approaches and engaging tools for a positive hands-on experience.

Our Philosophy

Technology enhances mathematics and science learning, supports effective teaching, and influences what content is taught.  A wide range of technologies serve as tools to engage students with real-world problem solving, conceptual development, and critical thinking.

(The above statement is a combination of philosophies stated by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the National Science Teachers Association.)


We believe that teachers should:
1.  Provide high quality instruction for all students.
2. Have high standards and expectations for all students.
3. Provide support to help students achieve and never change successful        students to unsuccessful students.

We support integrating technology into instruction to help fulfill our beliefs.

The Advantages of Technology-Driven Education


Students actively participate in lessons and projects which leads to better student learning. They are more willing to experiment because technology makes tedious tasks more enjoyable.


Calculators, computers, data collection probes and sensors along with image (whether a photo or video) analysis software are essential tools for both teaching and learning. Through the integration of technology into the curriculum, basic learning can lead to concrete real world experiences.


Technology enhances content learning, supports effective content teaching, and influences what content is taught.

Service Options You Can Purchase

SATEC Offers:

  • Free lesson samples that give staff a chance to explore SATEC style lessons before investing in a complete lesson set.
  • Complete mathematics courses in selected subjects and exemplar lessons in others.
  • Vernier Science Education science lessons collections that are directed toward specific courses or at specific science concepts.
  • All technology components in the Vernier Science Education Catalog.
  • Collections of both free and for purchase teaching tips, instruction masters, photos, content specific website lists, and videos.
  • Professional development presentations that can be used by school and district leaders for their schools.
  • On site and virtual professional development sessions in mathematics, science, instruction, assessment, class management and content deepening.
  • Consulting services with a content or instructional specialist.
  • A money saving annual subscription.

Why Buy an Annual Subscription?

SKU# SATECSUBMA    Math        $400
SKU# SATECSUBSC    Science   $400
SKU# SATECSUBCOM    Combo    $675

Mathematics Subscription Option (School):

  • Up to $250 of Eye On Mastery materials as part of the subscription benefit with reduced pricing of 5% off of all other EOM purchases.
  • All SATEC produced mathematics materials for the grade levels in the school at no additional charge.
  • All for purchase teacher resources at no additional charge.
  • Reduced pricing on any Vernier Science Education materials and technology.
  • Any free math lesson materials at any grade level.
  • Updates to purchased materials or new SATEC produced for purchase mathematics materials provided at no charge during the subscription year.

Science Subscription Option (School)

  • Up to $250 of Vernier Electronic Version science lesson books as part of the subscription benefit with reduced pricing on all Vernier products. Depending on the size of the order, this benefit would easily “give back” the school subscription cost.
  • All SATEC produced science lesson materials at no additional charge as well as any resources in the “for purchase” section of the Teacher Resources page.
  • Updates to purchased materials or new SATEC produced for purchase science materials provided at no charge during the school year.

Additional Value for Choosing a Subscription Option

  • The school may have two of the “for purchase” power point presentations for use in professional development.
  • The school will receive a 10% reduction in cost for a consultant to provide staff development for the campus. This would help pay for the annual subscription cost.

Other Subscription Information

  • Schools are divided into these categories for subscription purposes: K-5, 6-8, 9-12.  Request pricing information if your campus does not fit into one of these groups.
  • A School buying both math and science subscriptions will be given a discount for the purchase of a combination package.
  • A District may also buy a subscription and the cost will be negotiated with the final cost depending on the services requested, the number of schools and grade levels involved. We suggest that choosing a district option would bring savings to the district in costs of materials, science equipment, and professional development that can potentially pay for the cost of the subscription.
  • Subscribers become members of the San Antonio Technology in Education Coalition and may provide information about their use of technology in instruction in any content area. They may also provide free materials to be shared with other persons or institutions using the site.
  • Individuals may also become subscribers at the same cost as the schools and have the same privileges as the institutional subscribers. Individuals may also request for SATEC to vend a lesson or other material developed by the individual. If you want to post a product, contact [email protected] for information.

Proud Partners

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Licensed Vendor for Vernier Science Education products in the USA only. Purchasers from other countries should submit orders for Venier products only to [email protected].

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